Cartoon Characters as seen by artists

I ran across a really good blog on my daily scavanging hunt and just to show you a few of the masterpieces available, take a look below. (the blog is


5 thoughts on “Cartoon Characters as seen by artists

  1. i saw something like this on 9gag too and i think it is awesome! who is your favorite disney character?


    1. I saw a piece of it there as well and then went to the artist’s blog and decided to share 🙂 My fav one is Ariel – why? because she “don’t talk much” as the rednecks put it and she’s lovely. I wish I could be like that sometimes as my mouth does not stop yakking.


      1. did she cut her tongue somewhere in the real story? who is the woman wearing yellow in the last photo anyway? i like mulan.


      2. She traded her voice for her legs.
        The woman in the last picture is Tiana from “The princess and the frog”. It was a really nice movie, finally a girl working for it rather than waiting for the man to bring it along with his blue blood line.

        Mulan was great too! Loved her fighting spirit!


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