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Introduction to Dutch Language


Dutch is a Germanic language spoken in the Netherlands, the northern part of Belgium (also called Flemish there) and parts of Suriname. It is the ancestor language of the Afrikaans spoken in South Africa, which is still quite similar to Dutch.

Since many Dutch and Flemish people like to practice their foreign languages it is very difficult to learn more than the basics. You will notice that even after having reached a reasonable level people continue to respond in English after having started the conversation in Dutch. Continue reading


The Piano Teacher * Elfriede Jelinek

When you think your parents were controlling, think again. When you think your life as a single middle-aged woman is bad, think again. If you think that you did not live your life to the fullest, think again.
Meet Erika Kohut, an Austrian Piano Teacher at the Vienna Conservatory, a Bach and Shubert enthusiast, multi-talented and with a secret face that she unravels in this beautifully written book.

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The Tattooist Book Review

Steve Briggs, native of Blackpool London has used his knowledge of Asian mystic arts to create a read that has all the earmarks of a great thriller. “The Tattooist” is Steve’s second novel following “Through the Eyes of a Fly” that was released in 2011.

Here’s the premise of the story. When tattooist Paul Stone arrives home he finds his wife and daughter brutally murdered. Trusting the police to find the killer and bring them to justice Paul works on putting the pieces of his life back together. Problem is the police are dragging their heels and have no leads. Hell bent on finding the killer and exacting revenge Paul travels to Japan to enlist Tebori Master and mentor Mikao to further his training and enable his revenge.

Arriving back in New York Paul readies his tattoo shop and begins putting his training to use leaving a trail of bodies that died a horrific death. Paul’s sights are finally set on the guilty party and he plans to beat the police and finish his plan.

Steve Briggs works the storyline with a firm writing style. There are no lulls in the action and no wasted words creating a fast read that you won’t want to put down. Some of the scenes Steve has created are not for the faint of heart, graphic details are what brings the book to life and makes the read that much more intense.

Bottom line, if you love a fast-paced keep you on the edge of your seat thriller, this book is for you. A solid 4 out of 5 star read.

About The Author

Steve Briggs

I was born in the Northern seaside town, of Blackpool England on the 14th of February 1966. My parents were Peter and Myrtle AKA Joyce. I am the youngest of 5 siblings, and their names are Peter (eldest brother) Theresa (eldest sister) David (middle brother) and finally Tina (middle sister). My Mother gave birth to me, when we were traveling back to West London, with the rest of my family, where my father, was on embarkation leave from the British armed forces.

One of my earliest memories, from my childhood, was living in Hong Kong, where the British army, was stationed. My father was a first class military musician, with the Royal Lancashire Fusiliers. Upon my father’s retirement from the armed forces, we returned back to England, and finally settled in our then family home, in Northolt West London. I fondly remember 68 Bengarth Road, as a loving family home, and although times were extremely tough, my parents, gave there all for us, even to the extent, of getting into debt. It still reduces me to tears, to think, that they sacrificed a lot for us all, and I personally owe them a debt of gratitude.
Had it not been for them, and my father’s love of books, and education in general, I would have never written these novels. It is in my father and mothers memory, that I have dedicated these books, in their honor.

Thank you mum and dad, God bless you.

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