Children of the Corn (Stephen King)


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Beware of creepy old towns. They might just decide to sacrifice you for their corn. This is a story first written in 1984 by Stephen King which is oddly similar to the story he wrote together with his son (Joe Hill) called “In the tall grass“. The idea that folk sacrifice travelers to keep their crop strong is not uncommon and this story is a little bit better and a little bit creepier than the ones I have heard before.


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A Child’s Garden of Verses


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Great poetry from Robert Louis Stevenson.

stevensonIn after years, whenever Stevenson spoke of his childhood, the sick-room, the wakeful nights, even the pain he suffered, served merely as a background to ” Cummy’s” rare devotion. He was grateful to her all his life. He wrote letters to her, he sent her copies of all his books as they came out, he had her to stay with him in Bourne- mouth, and even proposed sending for her to pay a visit to Samoa. “Cummie was full of life and merriment. *She sang and danced to her boy and read to him most dramatically. She herself tells how, the last time she ever saw him, he said to her before a room full of people: ‘It’s you that gave me a passion for the drama, Cummie.’ ‘Me, Master Lou,’ I said. ‘I never put foot inside a play-house in all my life!’ ‘Ay, woman,’ said he, ‘but it was the grand dramatic way ye had of reciting the hymns!’ “

Louis Stevenson was one of the few people who recall their early days. In a way he never outgrew them. Instead of passing through the phases of childhood and youth, he went on carrying them with him through life, growing richer with the years.

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